Android Protector OWNED Easy as 1, 2, 3!

Not content with the original password protection of Android 2.2 on my T-Mobile G2, I went searching through the Android Market for other solutions. Amongst the adware and other junkware I stumbled across Android Protector v3.3.1 by Alexander Kosenkov, which looked promising. So, I decided to give it a try, installed it, and set about seeing if it did what it claimed to do, and whether it was easy to defeat.
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The basis of the revolutionary and disruptive approach I took to break Protector stems from playing a lot of video games growing up. If there's one thing I learned during all those precious hours of youth spent in front of the TV with a game controller in hand, it was to TRY AGAIN. When Mario died because I didn't jump far enough, I just tried again. When Mike Tyson KO'd me before I got him, I just tried again. When those re-attempts failed, I just tried again.

Applying this life lesson to TRY AGAIN to attempting to defeat Android Protector proved useful. I was able to bypass Android Protector's security measures less than three minutes after installing and using it for the first time.

The steps to do so are simple:
  1. After installing and configuring Protector, restart the Android phone so the application is enabled, then search for the application in the Android Market, and select it in the search results listing. At this point, Protector covers the screen with a security code input box, otherwise preventing access to the Android Market screen beneath it. Just use the back arrow to return to the home screen.
  2. Launch the Android Market application, again. The Market app should try to immediately return you to viewing the Protector application listing, but of course, Protector should again cover the screen with the security code input box. After it does, just press the back arrow to return to the home screen.
  3. Launch the Android Market application, again. Amazingly, the Market app displays the Protector application listing and Protector does not cover the screen with the security code input box. Press the link to Uninstall Protector. Protector is thus defeated without ever needing to input the security code.
Android Protector OWNED!

A short video of these steps in action is available on YouTube.

What have you OWNED today?

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