Gson v Jackson - Part 6


Use Jackson, not Gson. Use this article as a reference for basic features.

Part 5 of this short series of articles ended with section 5.17 of the Gson user guide, "Streaming". (Sections 6 and 7 will not be reviewed.) This sixth part includes a summary of the key differences between Gson and Jackson noted so far, along with a table of contents listing for easy navigation to the various sections of this review.
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For cross reference, readers will likely find it useful to also have the Gson user guide open in another browser window. (An archive of the Gson user guide as of 2011.06.26 is available at https://sites.google.com/site/programmerbruce/downloads/Gson_User_Guide_2011.06.26.zip.)

This information is based on Gson release 1.7.1 and Jackson release 1.8.2.

The Gson User Guide Walk-through Continued...

Quick Navigation to the Sections of this Review

Summary of the key differences between Gson and Jackson noted so far

Comparable Features

Things Gson Does That Jackson Does Not

Things Jackson Does That Gson Does Not

To be continued...

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